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Back Office:
  • Log into your back office and peek around!

Getting Paid:
  • You will get an email to set up your PayQuicker Account. We get paid every Weds for what we sold the previous week, plus bonuses paid out on the 10th of every month!

  • When sharing your link: ALWAYS CHECK THERE IS YOUR REFERRAL NAME AT THE END OF THE URL! Sometimes with sending it to someone it CAN delete that part with certain apps.

  • I always manually copy & paste the URL from the URL bar, instead of tapping the share icon.

  • Some consutants will use a "bitly" link to make sure it's always good. (That's an app that tracks clicks on URLS and can shorten them for you"

Ordering Product for yourself:

  • Ready to order product for yourself? Here is the BEST way, pay attention to this!

  • As consultants, we get a 25% discount on product! However ordering as a customer (use another email or Apple Pay) may benefit you more! I recommend doing it at full price in your link, and you will get paid back 25%+ commission the following week! 


  • This way: If you sell above the bonus threshold, you will essentially get more of a discount with the commission you get paid back. 

Creating Carts/ Recommended Lists:
  • This is one of my favorite features! Think: broad sharing your favorite products, separating skin types, or personally creating a cart for someone!

  • Sign in to the product website with your consultant log in

  • Add products to the cart

  • Click on your cart

  • At the bottom: tap "Send Cart to Customer"

  • Int he name field, you can personalize it for a customer, or make it more broad like "Best starter products"

  • Email it to yourself

  • Grab the link from your email, and share away!

Skin Quiz:
  • AKA the OliveBrain quiz. This is an AMAZING TOOL, however I wanted to point out a few things! 

  • It will recommend your customer SO MANY things and the pricing could get overwhelming.

  • Once they take the quiz, you will get an email! I recommend following up with your customer right away reminding them that they can just start with 2 things, and then get a FREE gift from the quiz. Just start somewhere! Once your customer gets products, guaranteed they will reorder more, so just have them START!

Training Calls:
  • Check your back office and the Corporate Facebook page for announcements and links to the zooms.



MondaysSynergy Calls (Call for Consultants with Corporate)

Wednesdays: Product Training with our in house Medical Esthetician Olivia! DON"T MISS THESE!

Thursdays: Opportunity Call (share the business!)


Launch Time:
  • First and most important thing! Just start sharing it! Today! Don't forget to add your link to any bios you have, and on every post, do a call to action how to order!
Talking points:
Why you initially started using Oliveda. 
Your top 3 favorite products
Skin Quiz
What is waterless and why is it important?
Your results
Why skincare is a priority for you
Solving skin issues for other people
European Standard 


When you are ready to show the world your skin, lighting is everything! The easiest light is going to be directly in front of a window! Please do not use bathroom yellow lighting to show the beauty of your skin! 

If you are wanting to level up, invest in a ring light! Check Amazon!

Social Media:

Not big on social media? Don't sweat it! There are other avenues to utilize when it comes to a "selling" business, we just need to focus in on your connections!

Social media can be a great tool to "Social Sell" 

The most effective way to show up on your social media is to be YOURSELF, be authentic, share personal experience, and that trust will fall right into place from your audience!

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