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We are so excited you are here with us! You are going to have so much fun!

First, know that we are here for you ANYTIME and want to help your business succeed and blossom! Anything you need, let us know!!

Your head is probably going in a million directions, that's amazing! This is really exciting!

I am going to map out for you where to start, to make the beginning of your Seint biz run smoothly and simply. Just like our products, SIMPLE! Keep reading til the end!

First, let's talk about a GOAL!

I always like my new artists to have an initial goal to get their business off the ground right away!
You ready?! 

GOAL #1:

Hit $400 USD or $522 CAD in two weeks from your start date! This is literally just two new faces! And this could be the first two faces you PRACTICE on! They will fall in love and definitely want to purchase!
Why is this important? When you hit that number, you are officially out of the "training period" and you are able to receive your bonus commissions! We get paid more commission the higher our sales are! So when you hit $400USD or $522CAD, you will get 5% more! I want you to feel that bonus right off the bat, so you won't ever want to miss it, and even better, reach for more!


Your Roadmap


Come up with a pretty little business name and vibe! 

Do not use the word "Seint" in your name!

Think of your OWN brand!

Think: glow, beauty, makeup, simplicity, contour, etc!

Once you have this figured out, you can move on with the vision of your new beauty business!


The most important step! While you wait for your kit to arrive, I want you to soak up all the Seint knowledge you can get! This is a never-ending learning process, we are always learning and expanding our knowledge  However, before your customers start asking you questions, lets train you on some basics!

Click the "TRAINING" tab at the bottom of this page to learn the basic things you need to know!

Step 3: YOUR KIT

Seint corporate will be sending you your kit you purchased when you signed up! It will take about a week to arrive, make sure you track it!

However there are a few other important things you will need to add to your kit non-maskcara related, and mostly from Amazon!

See the "Kit" tab at the bottom for this info!


Set your expectations NOW of the time you will be dedicating to your business! This can always change, but you want to set your priorities ahead of time so you are able to hit your goals!

What will your business hours be?

What are your dedicated Seint days?

What are your social media posting expectations?


As artists, we are able to open a rewards link (aka party link) once every 30 days. This allows us to earn our own rewards for our customer orders as well as our OWN orders. THIS MEANS FREE MAKEUP FOR LIFE! For you, for giveaways, and to replenish your kit!

As artists: we get 20% off products if you shop in your back office. However, LISTEN UP!

If you purchase within your party link at full price, you are able to earn perks (free makeup) and also get 20% or MORE commission back, which is better than just shopping with your normal 20% discount. Make sense?

This is how artists make any additional purchases for themselves! 


Now that you have set your vision for your business, let's plan and schedule your launch party!
You can treat this as a "Practice Party"

Invite every babe you know over...besties to grandmas!

Practice on alllll the difference faces, show them products and what your new business is all about.

I guarantee these people will be your first customers at your party, and on-going!

Bonus! Give each guest the option to be a hostess of a party for their friends and get free makeup out of it!


It's time to get your hands dirty!


The more comfortable you are, the easier they will be for you to share! Utilize all the products, and get to know every color! Do a roll call for all skin types, fair to deep, oily to dry, young to mature!

Step 8: GET TO WORK!

Get working!! Go Live, story, post, meet with in person color matches, and let's reach that first goal baby!!

Once you hit the first goal of doing $400USD or $522CAD, set weekly goals for yourself to keep you on track all month!

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